Construction and industry

With modular construction, you can always be present at a construction site. This way you are immediately aware of what is happening. We offer the possibility of renting temporary units for the construction site. You can use these for example for an office space, canteen, sanitary facilities and storage space. There is also the possibility of purchasing an entire chain park in your own house style. Such a chain park can be used over and over again for a new construction project. We can make the units so that you can easily switch, stack and move them.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial project or maintenance stop on the schedule? We have the right facilities for every location. We provide not only temporary housing within construction and industry, but also all the equipment to set up a construction site or industrial area. In addition, if required, we also provide transportation, assembly, disassembly, connections, maintenance and complete planning. In this way, all your work can continue unhindered.