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Together for a Netherlands without housing shortage

For Hugo de Jonge's kickstart, 2,000 flex homes will be built. A total of 36 different construction companies are working together to achieve this goal. Directbouw (part of Dutch Cabin Group) is already in full swing building 96 homes.

Aedes concluded framework agreements with 36 modular construction companies: "Modern flex-houses (relocatable houses) are energy-efficient houses that can be realized quickly: suitable to offer emergency seekers a full house quickly. It is increasingly a solution for, for example, divorced people, economically homeless people, Ukrainian refugees or status holders. But it also helps other housing seekers, such as first-time buyers. A big advantage is that they can be placed in temporarily available locations that would otherwise remain unused for years."

Sustainability & facilities

One of the main requirements for the flex housing is that the homes must be 40% sustainable. This means that the total weight of the materials of the homes for that percentage must be made from bio-based or recycled raw materials. Consequently, there is now a lot of wood in our factories.

The homes are all-electric and equipped with a heat pump. In addition, the homes meet the requirements of permanent construction BENG (Nearly Energy Neutral Building) and MPG requirement.

Each apartment has its own kitchen with built-in refrigerator, stove, combination oven, dishwasher and sink, bathroom with toilet and shower and washing machine connection.


Four housing types

The homes are divided into two complexes and consist of four different housing types:

  • Single studio totaling 19m2 Gross Floor Area, of which 15m2 is Functional Useful Floor Area.
  • One to two-bedroom studio totaling 38m2 Gross Floor Area, of which 32m2 is Functional Useful Floor Area.
  • Two- to three-bedroom apartment totaling 56m2 Gross Floor Area, including 47m2 Functional Useful Floor Area.
  • Three- to four-bedroom apartment totaling 75m2 Gross Floor Area, of which 64m2 is Functional Useful Floor Area.


Each unit that is finished will be removed to the warehouse. Here, the units will temporarily stand until the homes can be placed in Q4 of the year 2023.