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Since 2015, Dutch Cabin Group has been the umbrella company for now six industry-focused companies. These labels are The CabinConcurrent, Directbouw, E-Rent, Hamburg Verhuur, Primakabin and Smart Cabins. This association of companies brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of semi-permanent housing. The six labels bring out the best in each other.

Getting better together

Getting better together. That is the goal of Dutch Cabin Group. The member labels achieve that goal precisely because they are so different. From the almost permanent solutions of Directbouw to the folding cabins of Smart Cabins that travel all over the world. Together, they are constantly evolving to offer up-to-date housing solutions to customers.

The foundation of Dutch Cabin Group was laid in 1991 with the founding of Primakabin. At that time, the work still revolved primarily around the ad hoc placement of temporary housing. Anno 2016, on the contrary, there is increasing demand for semi-permanent housing with a permanent appearance. A temporary building may remain in place for ten years with a permit these days. This requires thorough preparation that pays attention to every detail. Nowadays, temporary accommodation is just as much a business card for a company.

The entry of Directbouw and its German subsidiary E-Rent into Dutch Cabin Group in 2013 was therefore timely. The company has had experience in temporary housing since 1955 and is increasingly shifting its knowledge to permanent construction. Dutch Cabin Group thus significantly expanded its knowledge and capabilities. Especially since Directbouw also has its own production line. Almost everything possible in regular construction can now be offered in semi-permanent construction.

The establishment of De CabinConcurrent in 2011, Smart Cabins in 2015 and the acquisition of Hamburg Rental in 2017 completed Dutch Cabin Group. The group is now among the top 5 in the Netherlands when it comes to temporary housing, but the approach remains personal. Anyone who knocks on Dutch Cabin Group's door will always receive personal advice. We like to share our knowledge. After all, Dutch Cabin Group is an expert and an expert is not satisfied until he is sure he has come up with the right solution for his client.

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