Training room for athletic youth

Urban Talent Academy is an organization where young people have had the opportunity to learn through sports for over a decade. For this organization, we got to create a temporary training space in their own style.

Education for athletic youth 

For over a decade, Urban Talent Academy has been ready to serve athletic youth who want to learn in a different way than the regular educational offerings. Young people who for various reasons do not have school for a while, or cannot get there temporarily, are welcome at the organization.

Urban Talent Academy optimally prepares (outgoing) young people for the world of practice. This is done through various pathways, where students receive structure, exercise and the necessary life lessons. Besides the basic subjects of math, language and citizenship, they pay attention to behavioral changes through sports. Through sports, the students learn to deal with winning and losing and they learn that effort pays off when achieving success.


Temporary training space for students 

Urban Talent Academy needs temporary housing in the form of classrooms. The CabinConcurrent may therefore provide a new training space for Urban Talent Academy. They will construct a building with classrooms out of eight modules. The modular building is expected to be used for 10 years. However, they will not be stuck with the same building during this period. If the number of students changes, we can always downsize or expand the building.

The organization has chosen new, luxury modules. Among other things, these modules will have a concrete liner topped with PVC flooring. The modular building will also feature a self-selected color, anthracite. In addition to the cool color, the building will also have a cool location. The modules will be surrounded by soccer fields. We can't wait to deliver these modules!

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