About us

The population is growing, the population composition is changing, and there are global goals for a sustainable future. All these developments contribute to a rapidly changing society. This creates the demand for a different, flexible way of housing and building. Dutch Cabin Group wants to offer a structural, sustainable solution to the current housing problems.

A child's imagination, it doesn't get any more beautiful than this

To test our adaptability, we asked 6-year-old Emma to challenge us.

More flexible and sustainable

These are the characteristics of modular construction. Our building system is structured in such a way that we can always realize suitable housing for any demand. Both temporary and semi-permanent. We can also adapt housing to a changing need for space. We can redeploy entire buildings or part of the units for a different use.

We have a very wide range of used units, but can also supply new units, including from our own production sites. Our units serve different purposes in different industries. And we have a suitable brand for every industry.

Why Dutch Cabin Group?

Why choose Dutch Cabin Group?

  • We have passion for our work
  • We actively consider an appropriate customized solution
  • There are few limitations to our ability to think
  • We have colleagues with more than 35 years of experience
  • All our buildings are modular and sustainable

Our Brands

Dutch Cabin Group is part of the Swedish company Adapteo, a leading provider of flexible housing in Northern - Europe. Under the banner of Dutch Cabin Group we are represented with the labels; Directbouw, Primakabin, De CabinConcurrent, Wagenbouw and Van Hamburg Verhuur.

The different labels each have their own specialty. This segmentation allows us to guarantee you the best service and we have a suitable solution for almost every problem.