The Dutch Cabin Group provides sustainable temporary and flexible buildings. Our labels have their own specialties, so we are able to quickly design, switch and stack from production or stock.

Find out how we do it

The power to adapt

We have grown up with modular construction. We deliver ready-to-use elements that are connected and stacked on site. This is how we build quickly, flexibly and sustainably.

Modular is flexible

Our buildings are always adaptable, so housing always fits the exact need. Not building for growth, but making buildings grow.

Modular is sustainable

Flexibility makes us more sustainable: we adapt buildings, we offer new ways of using them. This suits changing demands, changing populations and changing times. Our units are always reusable. Our construction method is efficient, produces low carbon emissions, is endlessly reusable, and we work every day to reduce use and waste of energy and materials.

Modular is fast

At our production sites, we prepare the units completely. With all facilities, materials and people on hand. This is extremely streamlined and we are not affected by weather or other site obstacles here.

The units are brought in, we assemble parts, hook things up, and we finish everything nicely. Our process is more than half as fast as traditional construction. In addition, procedures and permits for temporary housing are often completed faster as well.

Want to know more?

We are big on modular construction and we would love to help you with your housing challenge. Want to know more? Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants.