Privacy statement

This privacy statement applies to all services and companies that fall under Dutch Cabin Group Holding B.V., hereafter Dutch Cabin Group, part of Dutch Cabin Group Holding B.V.

Dutch Cabin Group strives to provide high quality services. Reliability is an important factor in this. We see respect for the privacy of our customers and careful handling of their personal data as an important part of the reliability of service. In this privacy statement you will find general information on how we handle your personal data.

This Privacy Statement consists of the following sections:

  • Our goal: protection of personal data
  • What are personal data
  • What personal data do we process from you
  • What we use your personal data for
  • Security and processors
  • Your rights and contact

Our goal: protection of personal data

Dutch Cabin Group respects the personal privacy of its clients. In carrying out its activities, the protection of personal data is therefore very important to Dutch Cabin Group. Personal data is treated and secured with the utmost care. Dutch Cabin Group makes every effort to secure the collection, transmission and storage of personal data in accordance with the nature of such information. Dutch Cabin Group has implemented technological solutions with the aim of protecting your personal data from unauthorized access and use. If necessary, we will update these measures as new, generally accepted security standards or technology becomes available.

What are personal data

Once data can identify you as a person, this data is called personal data. Examples of personal data are your name, address, date of birth and bank account number. Your IP address or username can also be considered personal data. In order to use our services, we need your personal data.

What personal data do we process from you?

We would like to serve you well as you have come to expect from us. To ensure that you can use our services, we need your personal data.

Depending on the service you purchase from us, we may request the following personal data from you, among other things:

Name Date of birth
Address User name and password
Postal code Usage logs
Residence IP address
Email address Language
Phone number

We will use the personal data you provide only for the purposes we have previously communicated to you. Further, you can find more information about some of these purposes in this privacy statement.

What we use your personal data for

No sale of personal data to third parties

We would like to remain honest and transparent about the use of your personal data. Your personal data provided to us in order to use the services of Dutch Cabin Group will only be used for the purposes listed below. We will not sell your personal data to third parties, but data can be exchanged within Dutch Cabin Group within the mentioned purposes.

Purpose and use of personal data

As a provider of modular housing, Dutch Cabin Group provides housing products and services. We collect and use your personal data that you have entrusted to us to provide you with service or information. When concluding a product, purchasing a service or when you have contact with Dutch Cabin Group, Dutch Cabin Group records personal data. Dutch Cabin Group processes these personal data for entering into and carrying out our services as well as for the purposes mentioned below.

Preventing fraud and abuse

Unfortunately, companies, including Dutch Cabin Group, are sometimes confronted with falsely submitted claims or declarations. This does not benefit Dutch Cabin Group and its clients. Personal data can also be used to prevent this kind of abuse.

Sharing with third parties

For a number of services we use third parties who assist us in providing the product or service requested by you, and for that reason your personal data is shared with this third party. Your personal data can be passed on to other companies within Dutch Cabin Group or third parties who (help to) deliver the services and/or products offered. Of course, we make proper arrangements with these external parties to handle your personal data with care.

If you have given your consent, Dutch Cabin Group may share your personal data with other companies within Dutch Cabin Group (see, which companies may offer you information about new services and/or products. If you no longer appreciate this, please notify Dutch Cabin Group.

Service improvement

We use your personal data collected through our services to provide you with good service and to develop new products and services.

Improving website and applications

To constantly improve our website, Dutch Cabin Group keeps (personal) data about the use of our website. Examples of data we maintain about the use of the website are:

  • The number of visitors per part of the day;
  • Dutch Cabin Group and the content offered;
  • The number of "clicks" before a product is purchased;
  • The settings of your device that your browser sends to us, which may uniquely identify you and track your website visit at Dutch Cabin Group.

We may share this data, which in some circumstances may be personal data, with third-party analytics companies that perform analyses for us. For information about cookies, please refer to our cookie statement [insert hyperlink].

Relationship management and marketing

We process personal data for our relationship management and to carry out targeted marketing activities. On the basis of data from internal and external sources and your visit to our web pages, we can provide you with appropriate and targeted commercial offers, for example by mail, telephone or the Internet.

Legal obligations

It is possible that we may be forced to provide personal data to authorities or other third parties. For example, if this is necessary in connection with a legal obligation or for the performance of a task under public law.

Retention periods

We do not keep your personal data longer than necessary, unless there is a legal obligation on us to keep personal data longer. We need your personal data to provide you with a good service. This also primarily determines the length of time we retain your personal data. Our basic principle is that we keep personal data only as long as necessary to provide you with the service. After this we will delete, mask or anonymize your personal data.

In some cases, we are required by law to keep personal data for longer. For example, tax law requires us to keep tax-relevant personal data for seven years. This may include your personal data as long as it is fiscally relevant.

Security and processors

We secure your personal data stored with us. Naturally, we make every effort to secure your personal data as best we can against unauthorized access, loss or theft. We have established an internal policy for this purpose to ensure that our products and services are designed in such a way that an appropriate level of security applies as standard. Dutch Cabin Group employees only have access to your personal data when necessary.

We make arrangements for the security of your personal data that we have processed with an external party. If we engage an external party to process personal data for us, we ensure that this party also meets our security requirements. We do this by concluding a so-called 'processing agreement' in which we lay down, among other things, agreements about the security measures to be taken and about the use of the personal data.

Your rights and contact

You have the right to inspect the personal data we process about you. In addition, in some cases you have the right to have the processing of personal data corrected, blocked or deleted. To do so, please contact Dutch Cabin Group. If you have any questions about the way Dutch Cabin Group handles your personal data, or wish to exercise any of your privacy rights, please contact Dutch Cabin Group via, stating 'Privacy Dutch Cabin Group'. If Dutch Cabin Group cannot or cannot fully determine to which personal data your request for inspection, modification or removal relates, Dutch Cabin Group may ask you to (further) specify your request. Dutch Cabin Group will suspend the implementation of your request until you have provided the (further) specification.

We last modified our privacy statement on 28-5-2018. Dutch Cabin Group reserves the right to modify its privacy policy. Dutch Cabin Group therefore advises you to check this page regularly to see if any changes have been made. We will inform you of any material changes to our privacy policy.