On the field hockey field of the Royal Military Academy In 8 days, a 3,000 m.2 installed, so that everything could then be assembled and made "sleep-ready. This building is made up of 162 units divided into 5 wings and 30 sleeping quarters and can accommodate 240 beds, 32 toilets and 40 showers.

Unique roof construction

This project was not standard unit construction. In fact, the sleeping quarters feature a gabled roof. This on special request from the customer. The pointed roof consists of SAB insulated roof panels and sandwich panels. The VRF system is placed under the roof. Together with the computerized building management system, this ensures that the temperature and ventilation in the bedrooms are optimal so that people can enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep.

Comfort and safety

Of course, optimal comfort and safety were also worked on. For example, there are wide corridors to the sleeping quarters, water-saving showers have been installed, a complete fire protection system has been installed and the concrete floors are fitted with linoleum.

  • Number of units 162
  • Square meters 2917 m²
  • Type of units DS
  • Application sleeping quarters
  • Duration of the project Purchase
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