Fransje Plukkebol Rotterdam

In the summer of 2022, in Rotterdam Noord, the new home of child day care center Fransje Plukkebol was festively opened. The new daycare center marks the start of the redevelopment of the entire Franciscus Gasthuis, which requires temporary relocations.

Various group rooms

The new nursery serves hospital staff who bring their young children here. The building consists of five group rooms, each with its own bedrooms and washrooms. There is also an office and a team room for staff complemented by storerooms, restrooms and other ancillary areas.

Contact with environment

The rooms are equipped with large, low windows that let in plenty of natural light and allow the little ones to have a good view of the outside and thus have contact with their surroundings. An important added value is provided by the extra-wide corridor space, which can also be used as a play area. In this way, play is more differentiated, from very cozy in the group space to just open in the play corridors. The finishes used were chosen with sustainability in mind. The color palette in the interior is deliberately kept calm in order to best showcase the colors of the loose furnishings and children's clothes.

Pleasant appearance

In addition to a thoughtful interior, much attention was paid to the exterior of the building. The preserved pinewood, together with the alternating colored panels, gives a pleasant, warm appearance. It forms a unity with the fantastic natural playground that further emphasizes the building's function.

Nearly Energy Neutral

The building has a high-quality installation to meet the high requirements of ventilation. In addition, it is very well insulated and, through the use of solar panels on the roof, it provides part of its own energy needs. With these measures, the building is Nearly Energy Neutral (BENG). On top of these sustainability measures, a green roof has been installed. This provides a delayed discharge of rainwater into the sewage system and additional cooling of the building in hot periods. From the hospital itself, "the face from above" is also beautiful.

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