On our 'how is it now with' page, every month one of our employees talks about what it is like to be part of Dutch Cabin Group. Here they share their experiences and answer questions like "Why did you apply for DCG?" and "What makes your job at DCG so much fun?". Through this section we want to give a glimpse into the world of Dutch Cabin Group and show what it is like to work with us.

Discover the stories behind the people who contribute to DCG's growth and success.

July 2023

"Hello, I am Jerry Spanjaard, 46 years old and come from Vlaardingen. Currently I am working as Sr. Account Manager and team leader of the sales department of Hamburg Verhuur (part of Dutch Cabin Group) in Oude-Tonge. At the end of 2021 I applied to Dutch Cabin Group (DCG) because I find temporary housing and modular construction an interesting market. On January 1, 2022, I was allowed to start in the position of Account Manager. The combination with new, rapidly changing clients and projects from all over the country makes this a nice varied job.

I like working at DCG because I am part of a driven team with colleagues who are ready for each other and want to make a success of it together. There is enough room for personal development. In 1,5 years I have grown from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager and team leader. This certainly makes DCG a great employer.

We are currently busy with the transition from Dutch Cabin Group to Adapteo. A big change like this is always difficult for an organization, but I think the transition to Adapteo is positive and the cooperation with the foreign colleagues is very pleasant. The growth that DCG and Adapteo want to achieve is very ambitious and I see this as a nice challenge."

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July 2023

"My name is Margot Bosch and I have been working Dutch Cabin Group (DCG) as a receptionist since October 1, 2022. Ten months ago an employment agency alerted me to the job opening at DCG. I saw the ad and immediately thought, "I'm going to apply, a nice job, that's what I'm going for!

Ten months later and I am still in my place here. Thanks to my close colleagues, I really got the chance to master the work well. My work is very varied, every day is different! This is because of the different contacts. You never know in advance who you will get on the phone, what orders will come in and how to solve some issues. Apart from answering the phone and receiving customers, I deal with office supplies and/or food orders and agenda management. I sort the mail and distribute it through the building and then have a chat with various colleagues. In short, very diverse!

The atmosphere with colleagues among themselves is pleasant. There is a lot of attention and compassion for each other. Everyone helps each other and, of course, the weekly get-together on Friday afternoons is really fun.

DCG as an employer is progressive and thinks with the staff. I hope to work here for a long time to come!"

June 2023

"Hello I am Bertus Jonkeren and have been working at Dutch Cabin Group (DCG) (then called Directbouw Holland and Leasebouw Holland) in Coevorden since 1985. At that time I actually applied for the job of work planner, but another applicant (and still current colleague), Jan Rademaker, was offered that job. The then director/owner then gave me the opportunity to start in the Sales Department. I took the offer and to this day have never regretted it. I started there in the Inside Sales Department and then pulled the cart of Lease Construction for 10 years as an account manager. Then I did all kinds of things: calculating, making quotations and in recent years, because of my construction background, I have also been active with building applications and as a project leader.

The diversity of my work gives me great satisfaction and also the freedom of approach. An example is the Kijlstra Drachten project: a training building for emergency room personnel of police, ambulance, and so on. I have done everything from the initial discussion with the client about the requirement, design, quotation/assignment process, planning and subcontractors and project management to completion.

Typical for the work at Dutch Cabin Group is the speed of thinking and acting to achieve results in the market and to realize projects. I also like the fact that employees at DCG can show what they can do and are given opportunities and space to develop.

So in my time at DCG, my experience has allowed me to be deployed in various places where it was requested or needed during the company's period of turbulent growth. Next April I will retire, so I will continue to enjoy doing what I'm doing for the foreseeable future."

May 2023

"Hello, my name is Richard and I have been working at Hamburg Verhuur (part of Dutch Cabin Group) for two years now, as team leader of the production in Oude-Tonge. I started as a hired service technician and after a few months I was asked if I wanted to work as a team leader. This appealed to me, so I joined Dutch Cabin Group.

A beautiful part of my job is the variety. No project is the same: rush or more rush, lots or little remodeling, water work, electrics, events, so much that it just gives me even more energy. So I really like challenges. But even more important to me are the immediate colleagues who work with me on the projects, they really make it worthwhile for me!

At Dutch Cabin Group, you have the freedom to design your own job according to the challenges DCG offers you.

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Who knows until soon!"

April 2023

"Hello, my name is Edwin. I have been working at Dutch Cabin Group (DCG) since November 2019, so I have been employed for about 3.5 years now.

Through an ad on LinkedIn, I was made aware of a position at DCG in Klundert. At the time, I was looking for another job. At the job interview I had a good feeling about it. Especially the open structure and no-nonsense mentality that emerged from this interview appealed to me. An additional advantage was the (very) short commuting distance.

I started as an administrator where the main emphasis was on purchase and sales invoice administration. As of mid-April I started in another position as project controller. A job that I really look forward to and where there are many challenges.

We are currently still looking for my successor, so are you interested? Then be sure to check out the job posting.

I would love to get you in!

In those 3.5 years, DCG has expanded considerably. This growth has also made it necessary to switch quickly from time to time in order to record everything correctly. The good cooperation with other departments has certainly contributed to the correct documentation. The open-door mentality within DCG and the flat organizational structure is a very fine basis. From top to bottom, everyone is accessible and helpful. This shows that there is a very large team which stands for its product.

Therefore, I hope to be a part of this team for a long time to come."

March 2023

This month, one of our most loyal colleagues, Bennie Kist, talks about his career at Directbouw (part of Dutch Cabin Group).

"My name is Bennie and I started at Wagenbouw Coevorden in August 1973. I have now been with this group for almost 50 years and I am proud of what I have achieved in all these years.

I started as a carpenter and quickly climbed to cooperating foreman. At 25, I became a foreman and held this position until I was 45. Then I was asked to do some commercial work as well, such as providing MC units on school and construction sites. It was a new challenge for me and I went into it full of enthusiasm. Besides this, in cooperation with my fine colleagues from all branches, I also organized the transport work for Directbouw (Coevoerden), E.Rent (Hörstel) and for Wagenbouw (Klundert).

Unfortunately, I no longer have the commercial work now because transportation takes up a lot of time and I now work one day less in the week.

I find the work incredibly varied and it always offers me new challenges to take on. Of course, the organization has grown very quickly in recent years, which sometimes takes some getting used to. But I always try to look on the bright side and contribute as much as possible to the success of our company.

I will retire in 2024 and I hope to enjoy many more years of leisure time together with my wife, children, grandchildren and friends. But until then, I am still enjoying my work and doing my best to contribute to the growth and development of Dutch Cabin Group."

February 2023

"Hi, my name is Petra and I am currently working as Office Manager at Dutch Cabin Group (DCG) in Oude-Tonge. Within DCG I have had the opportunity to hold various positions. Read on quickly to learn more about my career at Dutch Cabin Group and how I have experienced these years."

My career at DCG

"Before I was allowed to join DCG, I had a job at a child care center. Here, after 14 years of service, I lost my job due to a reorganization in 2013. Finding a job at that time was very difficult, but I then came across a job opening at Primakabin.

Under the job posting was the name of Suzanne Schreuders (Sales Manager). Since I knew her from the village, I hoped that might work in my favor. In good fortune, I sent a cover letter for the vacant position of Administrative Assistant inside Sales. After a fine interview, I was allowed to start working at De CabinConcurrent (part of DCG) in this position in October 2013.

After three years of happily filling this position, a vacancy arose in the reception/secretarial area. Interesting for me, because there were plenty of challenges. Still, I started the position as receptionist/secretarial assistant with some doubts, but how much I enjoyed it here! Where I started on my own at the time, it grew into a department of three employees for which I became responsible. I advanced to the position of Office Manager and was allowed to do and take care of all kinds of different things.

In September 2021, a challenge had arisen at the Hamburg Rental branch in Oude Tonge in the sales department. Stefan Wesdijk (General Manager at the time) and I had been working together for De CabinConcurrent for a number of years at that time, and he thought it would be a good idea if I came to help him, and the team, with this challenge to bring more structure and induct new employees into the open spots. This was for the duration of 6 months.

After five years of working at the secretariat, I was ready for a new challenge and my supervisors saw this very well. Together we looked at the possibilities. On January 1, 2022, I started at Hamburg Rental in my position as Office Manager to be able to support Stefan here and take on all kinds of other things.

What makes my current job as Office Manager so enjoyable is the diversity of work. I like challenges, I like to be of service, I like to arrange things and I can find all of this in my current position."

Typical DCG

"Typical for DCG is that it is a growing company and looks for opportunities/opportunities everywhere it can and knows how to seize them. I find it very special that I have been able to witness this from 2013, when the company consisted of 12 employees at the location in Klundert, to the company it is today with currently 160 employees and 4 locations!

In addition, DCG also regularly manages to organize fun parties such as a BBQ in the fall and a Christmas dinner in December. We have also made the necessary trips. For example, in December 2016 we raised money through sponsorship for Serious Request as a company, by walking and cycling from Klundert to Breda. Upon arrival, we handed over a check with a very nice amount on it: €3,210. And not to forget, in February 2019 we went to Winterberg for a weekend with all employees!

What I like about DCG is that they have always looked with me for opportunities and challenges in my career within the company, which has allowed me to hold these different positions. I have also had the opportunity to think along with them. They gave me their trust and I am very grateful for that!

I would say check out our job listing and join the club!"

January 2023

This month, one of our shining inside salespeople, Tessa Hereijgers, tells us how she is doing now.

"Hi, I'm Tessa and I've been working as an inside salesperson at Dutch Cabin Group since October 2021. The atmosphere in the workplace is extremely pleasant. In my previous job as a recruiter, I was able to take a look behind the scenes at many companies and I noticed because of this that the atmosphere at DCG is exceptional. All doors are open (and we don't just say that, we literally do). No question is too crazy and you don't even have to ask for help, everyone offers it all the time. This was also an important motivation for me to apply for a job at DCG.

What I like most about my job is thinking along with the customer, starting the conversation with the customer, then asking questions, listening and being creative. It gives me a lot of energy to eventually offer a suitable solution and to close the deal. In addition, the versatility of the job, interacting with colleagues, coming to a plan together and the diverse clients within all kinds of industries that I speak to also give me a lot of energy."